The Tannery was first established by Mr. Nimer Hammoud in 1950’s but later sold the business in the late 60’s.

In 1994 the new generation headed by Mr. Hassan Hammoud started to reconstruct the business by contract tanning with local tanneries.  Business turnover waved to the favour of the young leader and within the span of a generation, Mahaza Company limited was constructed.  Enthusiastic and filled by high motivation of his young age he worked hard dreaming that one day  this tannery would become an icon among tanners and the leather industry itself.

Following this 1997, Mamuda Industries Nig. Ltd. uprooted itself in the plot next to Mahaza Company Ltd.  Two companies now are producing wet blue into crust.  When the government banned the export of Wet Blue, Mahaza merge with Mamuda and diverted without difficulties into crust and Finished leather processing.  From the first skin that rolled off the finishing line,  Mamuda has diversified to produce a wide range of the finest finished leather of superior quality and elegance.

In June 2004 Mamuda acquired an old tannery and former competitor, Mario Jose Enterprise Ltd., another huge substantiation of a growing empire in leather industry.

After 3 years, the group acquired another company, Harmattan Tannery, and later on became the new Mahaza Company that adds to an enormous growth of Mamuda group.

Continuing a convention of product quality,  the group is capitalizing on its unique strength in leather art, techniques and fashion to weave its eminence more deeply into the trend and inclination of the industry not just in Nigeria but all over the world.  Mamuda group’s marketplace experience, technical expertise and innovation capabilities while largely homegrown also reflect its long term partnership with worlds class clients from Europe, Latin America and China.  Which further enhanced its competitive position in Nigeria,  The country in which its is already well placed.

Presently,  The group is a known conglomerate of flourishing business having over 7,000 local workers and expatriates composed of Lebanese, Filipinos, Italians, Pakistanis and Indians.

The management realized its mission statement To Uphold highest profitable corporate growth Through its able Chief executive officer Mr. Hassan M. Hammoud by postering strong bonds with its customers, suppliers and employees.